My Story - The SHORT Version


And the Doctor said " You Have Cancer"

It was just a Friday Nov 18th , 2011, time for my first colonoscopy. Being that I had just turned 30 twice I was 10 years over due. It was painless and I don’t remember anything about the procedure, it was not a big deal.

EXCEPT for the words after it was all over. The Doctor came in and said ~~~~~"You have Cancer."

For the Short Version:

Surgery December 2011: I had, as the Doctor said " A Small Basketball Size Tumor", that was removed from my Sigmoid colon and part of my rectum.

Many experiences followed, anemia, vaginal fistula, No FOOD for 6 weeks, and more trips and stays in the hospital. Oh Yea and the WONDERFUL Costly Tests.

Tried to return to work - Let's just say I am Unemployed.

I refused Chemo and reconstruction as they could not guarantee it would work. I would have another 6 months of weekening my body with the 2 surgeries that would have to be done, let alone not being able to work. So I opted to get on with my life and honor my body and let it heal.

I am following a STRICT Organic Life Style. Planting my own veggies on my porch. STILL KICKING And GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE. I AM CANCER FREE.

I will need to have more tests over the next few years, but glad to say my Oncologist is NOW supporting me in my choices.

Saving is gone and Medical and Living expences continue. NOW I will rebuild my life and I am asking for a Helping Hand. Not just money, but helping me Stand on my own 2 feet again.

If you can help out by:

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THANKS A BUNCH for Checking me out.

Paying it Forward

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